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Photo: Ajvar/Justzagreb

Ajvar (Chutney) – Vegetable Spread, ‘Heaven’ for Your Palate

Making ajvar in Croatia and the rest of the Balkans is a unique ritual. It begins in autumn, when entire families spend a day cooking their favorite relish – a meal full of vitamins to be eaten till spring. Ajvar Day ...


Bijeli zganci – White polenta

By Domacica. This is a simple recipe but requires a little more strength. If you never tried it, it’s a must because it really delicious. It is similar to gnocchi, but the softer, almost melting in the mouth, it smells perfe...

Photo: Mlinci, Domacica

Mlinci, the food that can always take us back to our childhood

These grinders (mlinci) take us back to childhood… I remember my grandmother and mother as they were baking them on their furnaces, and we, the children, used to eat them so freshly baked. Preparation is easy and does not...

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