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Photo Gallery: Top 10 Instagram Pictures of Zagreb Made By You… This Christmas

And again…you made great photos of our city. Thank you all. Put hashtag #justzagreb on your Instagram pictures, and we will find you.


Top 10 Instagram Photos of Zagreb Made By You (Week 3 – 10 November)

This week our jury selected these 10 photographs, and the award for the best photo goes to @bjuti_junkie. Congrats!


We Have A Winner! The 10 Best Instagram Photos of Zagreb of the Week (26th of September – 2nd October)

Last week we announced that each one of you could win a massage if you put #justzagreb on your photos. And you played, and you played veeeryyy hard. We received many photos of Zagreb made by you, but games has particular rules...


Top 10 Instagram Photos of Zagreb Made by You (Week 19 – 25 September)

Summer is almost over but Zagreb is still sunny and charming. If you do not trust us, here are some Instagram pictures made by you. So thank you one more time, and don’t stop with hashtag #justzagreb on Instagram.


Top 10 Instagram Pictures of #Zagreb Made By You (at the end of summer)

And again we found 10 amazing pictures of our city made by an amazing 10 people. This time, we saw Botanical garden, Old city, Ilica street, Zagreb cathedral, Nama store, Street art, Zrinjevac park and more… Enjoy this ga...


Top 20 Instagram Photos of Zagreb Made By You (1- 12 August)

Colours of Zagreb, people of Zagreb, animals of Zagreb. Pictures of Zagreb made by you… Do not forget to put #justzagreb on your Instagram photos. We are there, searching for you.


Top 10 Best Summer Instagram Photos of Zagreb (July 21 – July 31)

‘Summer is the annual permission slip to be lazy. To do nothing and have it count for something. To lie in the grass and count the stars. To sit on a branch and study the clouds.’ 🙂 This is exactly what we expect...

‘Greetings From Zagreb’, an Early Analog History of the City

Greetings from…a standard text printed on postcards around the world might seem just as archaic as the medium it stand on, looking from a perspective of today’s digital society with instant communication at your fin...