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Power to the People: Zagreb Government-to-Citizen project

Zagreb is deploying its G2C pilot project „Zagreb – Innovative City“ to make use of collective intelligence and ideas of its citizens and make changes for the better. It will be a platform where anyone will be able to sug...
smart bench
New Airport Zagreb 'Franjo Tudjman'

Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival 2017

Summer stage Tuškanac is readying up for this year’s Fantastic Zagreb Film Fest. Science fiction, thriller, fantasy, horror, classics and some special surprises are expecting cinephiles and Zagreb public. The seventh edi...
The Courtyards
World Music Day
fireworks festival
parov stelar
 Where to stay

President – Boutique Hotel in the Heart of Zagreb

Hotel President Pantovcak is an exclusive boutique hotel in the very heart of Zagreb. Located 200 m from British Square, the most picturesque square in Zagreb. This understated and original design hotel masters the art of str...
Singer apartman
Hotel Esplanade
esplanade hotel, zagreb

World War 2 Tunnel Re-Opened, Will Be Turned Into Site Specific Gallery

Downtown Zagreb, especially the old town, is filled with abandoned underground tunnels that stretch throughout the city. They were build, rebuild and used by different people in different times, be it as hiding spots, escape ro...