Krafne – a Traditional Croatian Carnival Donuts

Every year, on Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, in Croatia we eat donuts. With marmalade filling or empty, donuts are our favorite dish to say goodbye to crazy carnivals and enter a period of fasting and sacrifice. Ingredient...


Christmas Chocolate Cookies by Maja Kefecek

Maja Kefeček is a promoter of a healthy and natural vegetarian diet. She finished Makronova School of native cuisine and the numerous seminars on healthy eating and living, and a lot of cooking classes. Maja teaches healthy co...

Chestnut puree/Pinterest Screen shot

Chestnut Puree (Kesten Pire)

Chestnut Puree is a dessert of puréed, sweetened chestnuts topped with whipped cream. This recipe for sweetened chestnut puree can be used in many sweet meals and cakes, or just be eaten as a dessert. It is delicious and popul...

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