main dish

Bakalar – Codfish ‘in bianco’

A traditional dish for Good Friday and/or Christmas Eve. Ingredients 1 kilo of salt cured codfish 2 kilos of medium-sized potatoes 3 cloves of garlic (finely minced) salt and pepper to taste olive oil Preparation Soak codfish i...


Cutlets – a great and tasty alternative to barbecue

Cutlets (pork or lamb) are a great and tasty alternative to barbecue for outdoor social gatherings. Cutlets are especially popular during autumn, in the harvest season and among the hunters and rangers because they are easy to ...


Duvec – the delicious Croatian ratatouille

There is a subtle distinction between the two traditional dishes – Duvec and Sataras. It depends on ingredients, but it is very similar. Although the dish that we present today many might recognize as Sataras, in our R...

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