‘1914 From a Distance’ Exhibitions Looks Into the Frailty of Man and Passage of Time

Photographic series 1914. From a Distance made by Hassan Abdelghanij, a well known Pula gallerist and photographer, examines the passage of time and the role of photography in trying to preserve the moment and people lost to it. It was a project made for the commemoration of 100th anniversary of the start of the Great War.

Abdelghanij took photographs of photographs on tombstones of people who died during the Great War in Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia and Slovenia and printed them in large formats (378 x 284 cm). The photographs are eerie and are meant to invoke the feeling of inevitable transience of man in the wake of All Hollows Day.

The series won the award for best art concept on Rovinj Photo Days 2012.

The exhibition is being held in Vladimir Buzanic gallery, Narodne zastite square 2, until November 27th and is free to attend.