Top 3 places in downtown Zagreb to watch the world go by

Sometimes you need a little break from it all. No crowds, no walking and photography, no timetables and rigid plans. Just you and your thoughts traveling the landscapes of your mind and memories of that day. But it’s not easy to find a peaceful spot in the midst of all the things happening in the city. So to help you find some inner peace, here are the top 3 spots to relax, unwind, take your shoes off and watch the world go by.

3. Zrinjevac park


Well, this is a no brainer. Set in close proximity of the main square Zrinjevac is the first go to place to take a break from exploring the city. With plenty of shade, benches and grass to sit on, it can be filled with people, but never feels crowded.  It’s actually pretty weird how a park that is surrounded with so much traffic and activities can be so calming, but there it is, defying the modern fast paced rhythm with a gentle breeze and the sound of water coming from the twin fountains.

2. Botanical gardens

Botanical gardens

Founded in 1889. the Botanical gardens were practically on the edge of the city, but as Zagreb expanded during the 20th century it soon became engulfed into the wider downtown area. Coming into it from the traffic heavy Mihanoviceva street one could not expect to find such peace and quiet behind the ornamented gates. No matter your fancy when it comes to nature, be it flowery beds, trees with deep shade or the lakeside fauna, the gardens have you covered. Breathe in, relax and when you’re ready, step back into the busy world just a few meters away from you.

1. Gradec plateau


No nature here, but the Gradec plateau is one of those places that calls out to you, telling you to take five and enjoy the moment. Set directly above ban Jelacic square and overlooking the entire architectural landscape of downtown Zagreb with Kaptol’s sacral structures being the centerpiece of the view, one can really step back and get a feel for the sites and places visited throughout the day.