More Than 200 Artists Take On a Challenge of Creating a Comic Book in 24 Hours

More than 200 artists in Zagreb, Osijek, Split, Venice and Sarajevo will get together this weekend to test their own limits, both artistic and physical, at the 6th annual 24 Hour Comics Day. Starting November 21st at 12am sharp, the artists will try to draw a 24 page comic book in 24 hours, finishing at noon the next day.

Each year they are given a theme and one motif that has to be used inside the story minutes before the start, giving them a day to figure out their story, develop it, and finally, put it on paper. The point is to either draw 24 pages, or make it to the end of the event, stopping all work at noon.

It usually draws in a mixed crowd: famous and aspiring comic book artists, painters, students of fine arts, animators, designers, architects, writers and just about anyone else who wants to test their skills, be it in storytelling or drawing. All styles, techniques and approaches are allowed, any kind of paper and tablet. There are only two rules: you are done only when you finish 24 pages of your comic book or the clock rings the end of the 24 hour period.

24h Comics Day started as a challenge between two comic book creators, Scott McLoud and Stephen R. Bissette. The idea was taken by Nat Gartler who made it an annual event in 2004. It soon spread worldwide and is usually takes place at the beginning of November. It was held in Zagreb for the first time six years ago as a stand alone event, with Split and Osijek joining two years later. Venice and Sarajevo will participate for the first time this year, making it a regional event.

Everyone can join the challenge, no matter their skill. The event has an open door policy, people can visit it throughout the day (and night) and check out what the participants are doing. As it gathers a lot of young local artists, it’s a great way to see the scene at work in one convenient place.

There’s still time to join in as applications close Friday night, November 20th. You can join by sending an email at [email protected] with your name, the city you want to participate in, email address, contact number and home address. 

All comic books made this weekend will be available on the site of the event a few days later.

24 hour Comics Day will be held at the Academy of Fine Arts’ education center at Jabukovac 10.