Side Project’s Debut Album Main Attraction This Weekend

Side Project is one of those surprises you stumble upon on your social media, often smugly shared by one of those friends that has time to swipe all the music sites, gigs and forums for the next fix of new music no one has heard before. It’s bands like Side Project that make it worth having those people as friends.

Synth pop influences are heard from the get go, but there’s a certain charm and modernity to their sound, feeling warmth and lightness in their dark approach to electronic music. Luka Vidovic and Anja Popa, the duo that is Side Project, certainly are trying to hide that charm under a gloomy graveyard pop facade, but the undertones of their songs speak for themselves.

They’ve been putting out songs for two years now, expanding their fan base, and had finally closed themselves in a studio this summer to record their first album Things Which No One Else Should Know. Its been out for a few days now and many critics have already named it the best debut album of the year.

Side Project is going to play it for their audience for the first time this Saturday, December 6th, at Tvornica Kulture, starting at 9 pm, and it would be amiss to miss a great band in the making.