Try Free Vegan Meals Made With Food That Would Go to Waste on Green Markets

Free portions of a variety of vegan meals will be handed out tomorrow, January 9th, on Petar Preradovic square by Hrana, Ne Oružje (Food, Not Guns) collective. The collective gathers ingredients that were to be thrown on green markets around Zagreb, foods that are close to their expiration dates and bread older than one day and use them to cook up different vegan meals they hand out to people on a monthly basis.

The collective’s goals are to rise awareness on the amount of edible food being thrown away, introduce to people the variety of vegan diet and to feed the homeless. People will also be able to donate their old clothes or exchange them for different items. Clothes that remain at the end of the day are handed to charities and refugees.

Food, Not Guns will start handing out free portions and collecting clothes at 1:30 pm, and will be there until all the food shared.