Night of Museums – One of the Biggest Annual Cultural Events in Zagreb

Tomorrow is one of the business nights of the year in Zagreb, as thousands upon thousand of people stroll the city streets looking for – culture. Night of Museums is a free event created ten years ago by the Croatian Museum Association in efforts to popularize those institutions and bring in more people into them. They could not have expected the reception the event had in public. Everybody went. Literally. The program was so successful that the Night became a national event with almost all galleries, museums, archives and some unexpected institutions joining in.

Night of Museums in Zagreb will feature over fifty cultural institutions, private and corporate collection, churches, railway stations, postal offices and others, each with their own exhibitions, events, workshops and programs. And it all free. The sheer number of places you can visit might be overwhelming, but that’s why you have Just Zagreb to guide you.
We’re publishing a complete guide tomorrow so be sure to check it out before you venture forth into the cultural landscape of Zagreb.

The Night of Museums starts at 6 pm and lasts until 1 am.