Five great (and cheap) ways to spend Valentine’s Day in Zagreb

We’ve made a little plan for how to spend a great and cheap Valentine’s day in Zagreb. We didn’t go for a list of the most romantic restaurants and other usual stuff, but have tried to find unusual events that can be a great bonding experience for couples out there.

5. Second-hand vinyl and comics market @ Mocvara club

sajam stripova i ploca

It’s like antiquing, but with stuff that even guys can get excited about. You’ll find plenty of old records here, from 60ies jazz to 90ies dance pop, from world legends to obscure local singers no one remembers anymore. Buying vinyl together is always a fun way of building memories you can come back to with that music, plus it’s a collectors haven as it holds a lot of localized original releases of famous albums from the sixties onward. You’ll also find interesting comic books and editions unlikely to be seen anywhere else. The market starts at 11 am and ends at 6 pm.

4. Zagreb Coffee and Chocofest

choco pixabay

The beauty of chocolate is that it’s both a remedy for loneliness and a catalysis for passion, so Coffee and Chocofest could be a recommendation for both singles and pairs for Valentine’s day. With more than 25 different brands and, even more, types of chocolate on each stand, you’re bound to find your sweet tooth for passion. It’s also the last day of the fest, so no matter of your relationship status, you should check it out. It’s opened until 6:30 pm.

3. Animated time machine @ KSET

lady trump

Boys and girls from KSET, a student ran club, have their view of romantics, and we kind of like it. Back to back screening of Aladdin and Lady and the Tramp gives you plenty of time to find a dark, quiet moment in the club with a drink or two, and ehm, enjoy these classics. The projections start at 7:30 pm and are free. And if you’re wondering what do those films have to do with love, we have another question for you: Is there a more romantic moment in cinema history then two dogs sharing a bowl of spaghetti?

2. Mass Kissing Day on Ban Jelacic square


There’s nothing more to add to the title. A lot of people kissing. It’ free, good for your relationship, healthy and you know…it’s kissing. Do it. You don’t have to do it there but kiss each other. If you, however, want to share your love with the world, it starts at 8 pm.

1. Spend time together


There’s a ton of concerts all around Zagreb for Valentine’s Day at concert halls, sports stadiums, clubs and other venues that can take in a lot of people. There’s also some live acts in small bars and cafes in downtown Zagreb that are more intimate and don’t cost as much. Be it Sebastian Doe covering best Beatles and Cohen love songs at Rhakija Bar, Pavel playing favorite love songs from their albums at Vintage Industrial Bar, or salsa Vinyl bar, there’s plenty of venues that can accommodate those that want to chill and those that want to feel alive in a crowd of people. There are also a lot of places you can take a romantic stroll, like Strossmayer promenade, the old town, Maksimir Park…you can head up to Gradec plateau and live a locket on the fence as a reminder of your time in Zagreb. It doesn’t matter as long as you spend time with the ones you love, be it your lovers, friends or family.