Photo Gallery: More Than 70 Premieres on Newly Restarted Zagreb Auto Show

After eight years, Zagreb has gotten its auto show back, o the delight of all local and regional car lovers. And the auto show is coming back in full strength, with 440 exhibitors from 33 countries around the world and more than 70 local, regional and international premieres and vice premieres on 70 000 square meters of exhibiting space at Zagreb Fair, Dubrovnik Avenue 20. The five day show started yesterday, April 5th and will be opened for public until April 10th.

There’s more to the show then just new cars. There’s going to be a lot of prizes to win, games to play, stunt shows, carting races, old timer and biker gangs roll calls, and of course, booth models ready for your photo ops. Check out some of he cars displayed on the show in our photo gallery