Ribnjak Park Turns Into Dragon Slaying Medieval Village During Weekend

Ribnjak park is turning into a medieval village this weekend, April 23rd, and a knights’ training ground for the brave souls getting ready to face dragons.ZmaJurjevo is an event that celebrates the legend of St. George and his dragon slaying days 8if you want to read more about that, click here). Coincidentally, it also falls on the day that season 6 of Game of Thrones premieres, so it’s going to be a drake filled weekend in Zagreb (and this time, we are not talking about a certain Canadian r’n’b star for a change).

ZmaJurjevo (zmaj= dragon / Juraj= George) officially marks the beginning of the spring season in the park’s activities, and is an all day event that is deigned for the entire family. Visitors will be able to walk trough the village in medieval style, refresh themselves in tavern with craft beers and specialties prepared according to traditional recipes, take a look at thematic exhibition in the chapel of St. George, learn more about tools and crafts used in medieval times, find themselves, and participate, in interesting situations typical for that time like archery tournaments, duels, javelin trowing competitions, tugs of war, horse shoe pitching sack racing…

The evening hours are reserved for a spectacle of lights and live performances of dragon slaying by the Order of the Guardians of the city of Zagreb accompanied by the vocal ensemble for early period music Minstrel. Visitors can also expect a projection of a flying dragon above Ribnjak and a symbolic burning bonfire in the unique and lush setting of the park.

Different workshops will be set for the kids in the audience, like those in calligraphy, heraldry, smiting and wooden shield crafting, acrobatics workshops, puppet shows, horse riding school and dragon egg scavenger hunts around the park.

The event starts at 10 am.

NOTE: The event was scheduled to take place at Maksimir park, but was moved to Ribnjak due to organizational limits.