A Beginner’s Guide Through Advent In Zagreb

Advent in Zagreb is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe, and for a good reason. The whole of downtown turns itself into a winter wonderland full of music, dancing, ice skating, art, fine wining and dining, plays, workshops and plenty more for just about anyone.

Advent will officially start this Saturday, November 28th and will end on January 6th, with daily programs at Europe square, Kurelceva street, Zrinjevac park and king Tomislav square. During that period additional pop up events will occur around downtown making for a vibrant city throughout the winter holidays.


Advent at Europe square
Advent at Europe square

Advent kicks off with a thousand hearts being placed in the heart of Zagreb, on Europe square. The square will be one of the most interesting places during Advent, with more than thirty local diners, bars, arts and crafts associations presenting themselves on stands every day with popular prices. Balcony TV, a global music platform, is responsible for the music at Europe square, with live performances from up and coming local bands each evening, and DJ sets afterwords. Little Market on the Attic will host their organic markets throughout Advent, offering seasonal vegetables, zimnice (food traditionally prepared and conserved to last throughout winter), local schnapps and other drinks to worm the body and seasonal raw and vege dishes.

Weekends are reserved for children with different workshops, plays and activities during the day, while Sundays are reserved for different art shows. There are also going to be movie marathons, musical breakfasts, jams and contests throughout Advent.


Daytime Fuliranje at Tomiceva
Daytime Fuliranje at Tomiceva

Fuliranje has shown to be one of the more popular concepts in the last couple of Advents due to it’s location in Tomiceva street (right underneath Zagreb funicular, the shortest one in the world) and it’s all around casual atmosphere. Fuliranje is moving to Koralceva street this year with a new concept- 14 capitals of the world. As the title suggests, they will present customs, music, food and drinks from 14 different capitals, with periodical focus on each one. Fuliranje will partially take place in Tomiceva street with souvenir, cooked wine and schnapps stands.


Photo: Julien Duval
Ice Park at king Tomislav square

Ice skating had returned after a hundred years to king Tomislav square, and has proven to be hugely popular. The organizers promise to outdo themselves the second time around with a bigger skating arena, better lighting, more musical programs and a richer wine and dine experience than last year.


Photo: Vedran Tolić
Advent at Zrinjevac

While Advent at Europe offers great local bands, Fuliranje focuses on world music and Tomislav is set up for the whole family, Zrinjevac park, adherent to its reputation as the belle among Zagreb’s parks, is going to have a ball. Christmas carols, waltz and other classical dances, jazz and chamber music make for the most sophisticated part of Advent. The magical lights that illuminate the park and local artists and artisans presenting their works make for a gentry’s night out every night of Advent.


Aside from the main four venues, there’s going to be a lot of other places and events around the city with different contents. The focus this year is to bring those events to different, mostly unused, public spaces and revitalize them with light installations, concerts, performances, workshops… Many galleries will participate with special programs, there’s going to be food, dessert and cooked wine festivals, ice sculptures in the old town and a whole lot more so keep reading Just Zagreb and we’ll keep you posted on all the fun you can have on one of the best Advents out there!