A Lasting Romance- Zagreb and Czech Film Week

We love Czech humor. Not just us at Just Zagreb, but people here in general. We were exposed to a lot of Czech culture during the Cold War, and their auto-ironic, anti-authoritarian and self-humiliating humor that was never spiteful, through their literature and especially films. It resonated well with people here due to similarities between us.

It is no wonder then that in a country with around 50 annual film festival and manifestations (Croatia has most film festivals in Europe per capita), Czech Film Week is one of the oldest and most liked film days here, entering its 22nd year.

Not all films screened on the Week are comedies though. Czech cinematography is filled with great authors and films, and even if the festival circuit trends have moved away from it, great films are being made still. This year the Week will present six recent films produced in Czech Republic, of which two are contenders for this year’s Oscars.

Czech Film Week starts this Thursday, October 15th, at Kino Europa, Varsavska street 3, and last until October 20th.

The films that will be screened are:

Fair Play

Put Do Izlaza/The Way Out (original title: Cesta Ven)

U Sjeni/In the Shadows (original title: Ve stinu)

Ljubavne bore me more (original title: Vrásky z lásky)

Fotograf/Photographer (original title: Fotograf)

Mala iz Ribarnice/Little From the Fish Shop (original title: Malá z rybárny)

Individual tickets cost 25 kn, and a bundle for all films 100 kn. You can check out the schedule here.