A Thousand Hearts In The Heart Of Zagreb Start Off Advent

A thousand hearts will be hanged around Europe Square this Saturday, November 28th, signifying the start of Advent in Zagreb. Advent will take place all around the city, with Europe square, Zrinjevac Park, King Tomislav Square, Tomiceva and Kurelceva street as main venues for daily events.

Europe square will have the most flavor for music lovers as the program is organized in association with Balcony TV, a global music platform present in over sixty cities around the world that promotes young local talents on the music scene. Each day,¬† different up and coming local musicians that have been on Balcony TV will hold a live show, so it’s a great way for any music lover to hear, and see, Zagreb’s up and coming music scene in action.

Genres are abundant, from electro, alt/post/garage rock, power/dream/dark pop, jazz, beatbox, drum and bass, rock, singers/songwriters, to shoegaze, nu soul and many other that comprise the scene.

There will be plenty of other content on Europe Square during the day. Everyday organic food markets, a variety of local and international gastronomy booths, children’s programs on weekend mornings made with support from the EU Commission, Sunday art exhibitions, musical breakfasts and many other events and activities.

Next to Advent at Europe Square, in Kurelceva street, Fuliranje brings their special program Advent of 14 world capitals to the table, showcasing different ways advent is celebrated around the world.

After the thousandth hearts is strung at the square, Advent kicks off with a live gig from Nipplepeople at 8:30 pm.

Just Zagreb is a proud media partner of Advent at Europe Square and will present you the bands (and other parts of the program) on a daily basis, so hold on to your headphones.