Anarchists Organize 12th Book Fair in Zagreb This Weekend

Anarchist Book Fair might be one of the smallest literary fairs held in Croatia each year, but it just might be the most interesting one. The fair gathers local and regional publishers, NGOs, projects and individuals participating in libertarian movements and aims to be a place of discussion, learning, questioning and sharing ideas focused on egalitarian practices, human rights and freedom, as well as theoretical political alternatives to mainstream ideologies, focusing on cooperation over competition.

The focus of this year’s fair is on the history of worker movements at the turn of the 20th century in rural areas of Croatia, a critical look at negative aspects of Refugees welcomed humanitarian movements in Europe, self organized migrant camps and squats in Thessaloniki and democratic practices in anarchy movements.

Aside from mentioned discussions, the fair will offer classical and new editions of books that discuss different libertarian practices, theories and movements.

12th Anarchist Book Fair is opened from April 8th until 10th at Zagreb Dance Center, Ilica street 10, and is free to attend.