Free Animated Shorts on Front Wall of Museum of Contemporary Art

With two weeks left until international festival of animated film Animafest, Zagreb’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU) is starting their traditional countdown with screening of fourteen site specific animated films on their outdoors video wall.

Site specific art is one created with the space it is going to be presented at in mind. With MSU constructed as blocks vertically connected on multiple levels, the video wall follows that pattern, providing an interesting multilevel canvas for the artists.

Fourteen films that will be screened between May 24th and June 11th were selected via an open call. Most are premieres and mutually differ in terms of creative approach – from narrative and figuration to experiment and abstraction, arriving from Germany, China, Estonia, Slovenia, USA, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

Each day a different half hour film will be shown, starting from 8 pm.

Zagreb has a long standing tradition of animated film, with Animafest being a big part of it, making it one of the most favorite events for locals in Zagreb.  With dozens of the best international authors screening their films each year on it, it is definitely something you should check out. The festival starts on June 6th.