Are you Syrious? humanitarian concert for refugees in Vintage Industrial Bar (video)

Prompted by the scenes and events on the borders of Europe, people from Vintage Industrial Bar have decided to organize a humanitarian concert on Tuesday, September 15th, during which necessities and money will be gathered for the needs of Syrian refugees stuck in makeshift camps on the fringes of EU.

Artists performing are some of the most interesting and popular young singer songwriters on the scene today, including Sara Renar, Siene, Djecak iz Vode, Denis Katanec and Nebo Roza.

The organizers are promoting people to bring old blankets, umbrellas, tents, backpacks and clothes. Money gathered from donations will be used to buy food and medicine on the spot as it is illegal to transport those across borders. This will be their third trip to refugees based in Segedin, Hungary.

All expenditures will be made public after the necessities find their way to the refugees.