Street Fashion of Regular People in Zagreb as Seen by an Artist

Street fashion blogs tend to capture people at their best, picking those that stand out from the crowd with their choice of clothing. Even as a reaction to high fashion, taking it down to a street level and making it more relatable , those blogs tend to adhere to fashion industry’s trend guidelines for the season.

Stipan Tadic on the other hand, cares for fashion the way artists tend to- not much. More fascinated by the everyday, he has been watercolor painting random citizens for the last two years. Postal workers, police officers, bums, nuns, beggars, students, street performers, green market sellers…Tadic’s selection of street fashion is more defined by the regular than outstanding, picking his subjects on train stations, squares and streets far away from the trendy promenades of the city.

‘I was always fascinated by people on squares and stations, the ones that blend in the scenery as pigeons do. I often observe them, not the rushing types, but those that seem to be going nowhere, those waiting for something, aimlessly walking, being publicly drunk. I was most interested in the latter kind at first, the bums. Later I started adding workers, students and such to the collection. It gave the project some variety’ said Tadic.

Now with 150 paintings behind him, most subjects painted from behind as an even further opposite from en face photography of street style variety, Tadic has decided to make an exhibition of his works in Greta gallery, opening at 8pm this Monday, December 21st.

Young Tadic has already started to build a name for himself on the local art scene by taking everyday moments and, trough a ‘lens’ of an artist, give them more profound contexts. This exhibition goes in line with his former works, and gives us the insight of what everyday fashion, such as it is, looks like on regular people wandering the streets of Zagreb.

The exhibition Street Fashion Zagreb by Stipan Tadic will be opened until January 3rd. You can check it out at Greta gallery, Ilica street 92.