Creative Presents for Last Minute Christmas Shopping at artOmat

With only three days left until Christmas, everybody is beginning to adhere to the years long tradition of last minute shopping for presents. Think of all the warm sucks, underpants, scarfs and hats people will be getting under the Christmas tree! Again.
But if you don’t like the idea of one more uninspired present you’ll be giving to someone this year, artOmat might just be the place to check out. The artist’s Christmas market is filled with unique, quirky, handmade and original items, utility workshops and collaborative art projects meant to inspire visitors to create something on their own.

With only two days of artOmat left, we’ve picked out some of the creative things you can buy in Mestrovic pavilion, or that might inspire you to create a present yourself.
ArtOmat closes at 9 pm on December 23rd with dance performances from BadCo troupe and a big party inside and in front of the pavilion. The market is opened until the fun begins.