ArtOmat, A Different Kind of Advent in Zagreb Brings Out the Artist in You

With Advent in Zagreb at full swing, we’re getting another great addition to an already rich list of places to be and things to see during winter holidays- artOmat!

artOmat is not just another great place to listen to music, have some mulled wine and grab a bite to eat. Sure, there’s gong to be a bit of that too, but what artOmat brings to the table is not your typical Advent program. Focused mostly on local artists and crafts, it is the perfect place to go hunting for presents if you want to find something unique, creative, offbeat or artsy to give your friend and family for Christmas.

Stating from December 16th, Artomat will bring together more than a hundred of the most interesting young fashion, graphic and product designers, artist, craftsmen and people from other forms of creative industries to showcase and sell their work. But the project is not just about finding the perfect gift. As artOmat takes place in Mestrovic pavillon, the home of Croatian Association of Artists, it offers a great platform to present different art projects and set up free collaborative art events and creative workshops for its visitors.

More than a hundred different local artists and crafts will showcase their works at artOmat
More than a hundred different local artists and crafts will showcase their works at artOmat

‘Our workshops are catered for both adults and children, giving them the opportunity to make their own Christmas presents and learn new creative techniques such as felting, puppet making, photograms…we’re having more then ten workshops and there’s something new to learn for just about anyone with a creative note they want to explore in new ways’, said Ivana Culjak, creative director of this year’s artOmat.

Workshops are just a part of the experience, as artOmat brings a lot of talent this year who’ll present their projects in a collaborative manner, inviting all visitors to partake in the process of creating art. Art studio This Town Needs Posters will hold a two day demonstration of creating handmade posters, giving visitors the opportunity to partake in creating their own visual messages and helping them in creating a room sized collage poster.The demonstration will be held parallel with Plakatiranje exhibition, showcasing 120 poster made for visual arts and culture site Vizkultura by different artists and designers.

oloop (1)
Oloop collective’s ‘Povezivanje- carpet in the making’ project

The hands on approach does not stop there, as Ljubljana based collective Oloop will present their project Connections- carpet in the making. The collective will hand knit the carpet they’ve started in 2012, inviting all visitors to join them. After Oloop, Irena Frantal, a book art specialist, will make visitors rethink books as medium in new ways, making the whole section of the pavilion into one giant book. For those that like to use their feet more than hands, Zrinka Uzbinec i Ana Kreitmeyer from BADco dance troupe will present their DIY dance project Whatever Dance Toolkit that explores dancing and use of technology in conveying movement.

The sixth edition of artOmat take place from December 16th to 23rd at Mestrovic pavilion, Zrtava fasizma square 16. All events, exhibitions, workshops and participatory projects are free to attend.