One Night, 26 DJs and a Whole Lot of Drum and Bass

During the 2000s drum and bass scene in Zagreb has been the liveliest clubbing scene in town, reeling in international DJs and producers on a weekly basis with a strong roster of quality local collectives and solo DJs to boot.

As time went by many of those collectives and DJs have turned to fresher genres and experimentation, have moved on to do other things or started other careers while the public got a bit bored with the genre and the scene was winding down. Still, good drum and bass could be found around town with a stable base of faithful fans.

That’s where Drum and Bass Conference came in four years ago. Started as an enthusiast project,  conference gathered best DJs from around the country for a massive all night party celebrating their favorite genre. As it turns out, there was more people yearning for good drum and bass then expected, and the conference grew each year.

In its fourth edition it went regional with 26 DJs from Croatia, Slovenia, BiH and Serbia spinning records back to back on several floors at the alt scene/squat/subculture center/club AKC Medika, Pierottijeva street 11.

D’n’B Conference will take place on Friday, September 9th from 11pm, and will feature:

01. ANTE MUCIC M (Bipiem, Rolanje, Zagreb)
02. BILLAIN (Kontra, Sarajevo, BiH)
03. CHVIGY (Arboretum, Pula)
04. / 05. CODEX (Phase / Toxic, Metnem, Beograd, SRB)
06. DROP SENSEI (Šurenje, Novi Sad, SRB)
07. FA11OUT (Fa11out, Tuzla, BIH)
08. FILIP MOTOVUNSKI (PDV Records, Zagreb)
09. FUNK GURU (Confusion, Zagreb)
10. INCHOON (Liquosphere, Zagreb)
11. JINXIE GROOVES (Arboretum, Pula)
12. KODIN (LED, DNBK, Zagreb)
13. LEEKS (Dirty Beatz, VuBass, Zagreb)
14. LUCYLYU (Bipiem, Rolanje, Zagreb)
15. LUNIC (Drumwise, Ljubljana, SLO)
16. MAN GO (Arboretum, Pula)
17. ODIUM (Bass Invaders, Zagreb)
18. OKOR (Kabinet, Split)
19. OUTCRIER (Šibenik)
20. SAFETY BREAKS (Gleshudesa, Osijek)
21. SHECO (Seasplash, Pula)
22. SVEN NALIS (Balkan Kolektiv, Rijeka)
23. TEKITOKA (LED, DNBK, Dirty Beatz, Zagreb)
24. VRH (Split)
25. WHAT THE FUNK (Kult, Zagreb)
26. YESH (Chew the Fat! Croatia, Zagreb)

Entry cost is 35kn before midnight, 45kn after midnight.