Celebrate a Half-New Year’s Eve at Stross Promenade on June 30th

You know those people who, even though its only the middle of September, have the need to ask people where they plan on spending New Year’s Eve? Yeah.

The good thing about March is that no one will ask you where you plan on spending June 30th. Even if they did, you’d already have one possible answer: At Stross Promenade!

Each year, folks from Summers at Stross trow a traditional celebration and countdown with fireworks for June 30th, marking the exact half of the current calendar year. No high expectations, no lists of things you’ll probably never do and feel bad about it, no overpriced arrangements, just casual fun.

This year the celebration starts at 8pm with some easy listening and then a concert from Los Mutavelos until 10pm. At that point the countdown and fireworks will begin, followed by a concert from Garcia. The music will be Latino, as well as dances, and everything else will be just like your average Thursday.