CFSN DJ Collective Closes Season With Picnic Party at River Sava Bank

One of the more popular DJ collectives in Zagreb, CFSN, is sending off their 14th season with an all day party at river Sava bank, next to Brazil, a stranded ship turned night club. Folks from CFSN have invited their DJ friends to warm up (or cool down in this case) the crowd during daytime while they cook čobanac (spicy meat stew from Slavonia, one of the greatest things any hardened meat lover could try) for everyone there.

At nightfall, around 10pm, the party s moving inside Brazil when CFSN DJs take over the turntables. Since space is limited, that part of the party will cost 35 kn. To get there take tram number 14 until the end of Savska street (next to Sava river) and head for Hendrix bridge.

The music played troughout the day will be post-dubstep, bass, trap, deep house, house, techno, booty, juke, footwork, grime, beats, dub, IDM, glitch, rave, 80’s, 90’s, as well as drum&bass and jungle.