Check out the local music scene battling it out on RockOff festival

RockOff festival was started by the Croatian Assassination of Composers as a way to put a spotlight on the up and coming musicians.

After the initial voting by the fans the bands with the most votes get to perform live in Shock show industry (Katran), Radnicka cesta 27bb, starting this Friday.

The bands performing on September 11th are Radio Aktiv, DarkvuD and The Hunting Dogs.

The next three Fridays are reserved for bands like Barbari, Ludwig, Manntra, NoA, Judette, U pol 9 kod Sabe, Kopito, RepassageBaltazar, Rezerve, Jam Ritual, Ante Cash, Gretta and Lucas.

The fifth and final night, on October 9th, is reserved for the bands that got the most votes during the concerts where a winner will be chosen.