Chocolates, Giant Cakes and Other Sweet Pleasures at Zrinjevac Park

Zrinjevac park is, once again, the sweetest place in all of Zagreb. Sweet Pleasures (Slatki Gušti) festival is an annual event that gathers around twenty of the most well known local chocolateries, pancake bars, cake cafes and pastries shops at Zagreb’s most beautiful park, making it a dream come true for all those with a sweet tooth.

The festival is opened until May 16th, and brings special programs and promotions of sweets each day of its run time, with a giant 650 kilos heavy cake being the most outlandish endeavor of this year’s Sweet Pleasures. The cake will be cut up and handed out too visitors on Friday the 13th, which seems like a really good day to binge on cakes, given its superstitious past.

The stands are opened from 10 am until 11 pm each day, with workshops, cooking shows, pancake cookouts, baking advises and concerts taking place from 4 pm.  The event is on the open and free.

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