Concerts at Zagreb’s Hidden Courtyards on Wednesday, July 20th

The Courtyards are an event held in the hidden historical courtyards of the old town, most of which are not opened to public rest of the year. It takes place in between July 15th and 24th, with free events and concerts being held in each of them.

Balbi Palace, Demetrova street 11
Money 2 Acoustic (pop, funk greatest hits, acoustic)

Erdödy-Drašković Palace, Opatička street 29
Junglecats Duo (vocals & guitar)

Meštrović Atelier, Mletačka street 8
Petrarca Fest Poetry Awards
Ansambl Antiphonus

Private yard of the Milovac family, Opatička street 19
Matija Cvek Duo (piano, vocal)

Tko pjeva zlo ne misli, private yard, Basaričekova street 11
Zagrebački Cinkuši (old town folk songs)

Croatian Institute for History, Opatička street 10
Duo Intense (jazz & blues standards)

House Frigan, Opatička street 27
Gordana Marković (vocals & guitar)