Cooks Without Borders Cook From The Heart For Children’s Hearts

Cooks without borders is a non-profit that gathers Croatian and international cooks with a single goal: to rise funds to pay for early detection heart exams for impoverished children. As the waiting lists for ultrasonographic heart exams in the public health system are long and can take up to a few months of waiting, and private medical clinics are quick but somewhat expensive, Cooks Without Borders regularly raise funds with which they directly finance exams for children who need them but can’t afford the time or money.

One such fundraising will be organized as part of VINOcom international food and wine festival held this weekend at Esplanade hotel. On Friday, November 27th and Saturday, November 28th starting from 12 AM on both days, more than twenty local and international cooks led by World Master Chief Branko Ognjenovic will cook their hearts out on the Oleander terrace of the hotel in efforts to raise funds by selling their specials.

10th annual VINOcom festival gathers more than 300 local, regional and EU producers and sellers of foods, wines, oils, sweets and other produces with cooking demonstrations, wine tastings, workshops and more during the festival.