Crossing the boundaries with photography on Organ Vida photo festival

In its seventh edition the international festival of contemporary documentary photography Organ Vida bring us the works of ten international photographers who explored the concept of boundaries in their work.

From September 3th to 18th, their works will be exhibited in Klovicevi dvori gallery, Lotroscak tower and Zvonimir and Koncar galleries.

A street scene in Bobigny neigborhood in the 93 area. Most of the kids from the 93 area have as a model their eldest brothers. Paris, France. 2007 October. Arnau Bach

Besides the exhibition of the main finalists which is the centerpiece of Organ Vida, the festival program also includes additional events such as lectures, round-table discussions, panels, artist talks, creative workshops, portfolio reviews and music/theater performances. The focus of all previously mentioned events is contemporary photography.

This years theme is Boundaries and the festival, trough the work of the finalists, explores the meaning of boundaries, those physical and abstract, and how they shape the lives of people who live in them or try to cross them. From the Mongolian steps to Bucharest underground tunnels and their inhabitants, motifs used in photographs are varied and diverse but at the same time talk about a universal need to break or impose a boundary.

‘We invite artists to think through the phenomenon of boundaries and to photographically express their perspectives and feelings about the omnipresent ways people cross, leave or shape moments in terms of boundaries’, explains Bojan Kristofic, one of the organizers.

To find out the full program of the festival click here.