Danube’s Wine Kisses Will Make You Blush on Friday Wine Tasting

Over thirty wine labels from the Danubian region in Croatia will be presented in Zagreb this Friday, October 16th. The presentation will take place in the Brussels hall overlooking Ban Jelacic square in the European Home, Jurisiceva street 1/1.

Wines presented there will be from some well-known basements like Ilocki and Belje, and quality produces from family run wineries like Pinkert, Jakovac, Kresic…with varietal wines like Chardonnay, Traminer, Cabernet franco, Riesling, Pinot and Ffranconia.

‘There are not many vineyards in the world that have the luck of growing in the embrace of  Danube’s rainy kisses. Danube’s wine is simply different. They are serene, calm and confident, but still bursting with aromas and joyfulness. Something any wine lover must experience’, says Irena Ljubcic from Vinoljupci, the organizers of the tasting.

The tasting starts at 6 pm and lasts until 10 pm. Entrance fee is 60 kn with unlimited consumption of presented wines.