Device_art festival makes you control light and sounds and makes robots control you

From sounds you can see to robot overlords, Device_art triennial that started yesterday on Gradec plateau has everything a tech savvy art lover would want to see. Ok, so nobody really wants to see robot overlords, and there won’t be any on Device_art, but with works of artists like Louis-Philippe Demers and Bill Vorn you’ll get to experience how it feels like when a robot controls you, and that’s pretty scary by itself.

There will be a lot of not so scary art pieces, lectures and performances too. Myriam Bleau‘s Soft Revolvers performance will try to mesmerize you with sounds, voice bites and crackles produced by light omitting from spinning objects or Craig Fahner‘s installation that lets you manipulate radio waves with your hands in order to create music.

‘Device_art explores all the crossroads where technology and art meet. It’s a festival of robotics, gadgets and trinkets seen trough the eyes of artists, and sometimes art as seen trough the eyes of engineers’ says Tereza Teklic from Kontejner, the organizers of Device_art.

A large part of the program is interactive, with different kinds of workshops in robotics and sound engineering, lectures about computers and philosophy and everyday guided tours trough most of the exhibitions and interactive installations that are set for the whole duration of Device_art.

The festival that started in 2004 had always been about exchanging and sharing experiences with other art scenes and this year it’s no different. This year’s iteration sees Canada as a partner, with their artists presenting most of the content seen on the festival, while Croatian artists will visit Canada next year.

The festival will last until October 4th, is entirely free to attend and you can check out the whole program here.

Inferno РBill Vorn & Louis-Philippe Demers from Le Studio MAC Cr̩teil on Vimeo.