Eleven Nights, Eleven Clubs and Way More Bands For Eleven Years Of Dosh Lee

Dosh Lee, cult underground diy punk band from Zagreb is, to their and everyone else’s surprise, celebrating its eleventh year of existence, and the guys are doing it, as always, hardcore.

They are going to play eleven concerts for eleven days in eleven clubs around Zagreb, bringing their friends along for the ride. Each night the are playing back to back with another alternative band, trying to pull in the scene together for a big alternative spectacle.

‘The whole point of the story is not just to promote us, but to get together with other alternative musicians from Zagreb, be they punk, core, ska, reggae, rockabilly, flamenco or singer songwriters. Some are legends, some are newcomers, some are at the top of their game. We wanted to put them all together and make a documentary about the scene today.’ said Plajo, one of the band members.

Starting November 11, (too much elevens!) they are hitting the clubs daily until Saturday, November 21st. They’ve opened the mini tour last night in Vintage Industrial Bar with Brain Holidays and Vikend Revolucija, making it a reggae night. The clubs they are playing in all have a different vibe, and the bands playing there follow suit of those vibes. 

If you want to check out what the Zagreb alt scene was, is and will be, there’s no faster and raunchier way to find out. All entries are 20 kn, except Rockmart rock’n’roll bookstore where it’s free.

12.11. Tvornica kulture
Dosh Lee
B and the Bops
Erotic Biljan & His Heretics

13.11. AKC Medika (Grey Room)
Dosh Lee
Poruka u Prazno
Brain Production
14.11. Jabuka
Dosh Lee
15.11. Močvara
Dosh Lee
Whips & Chains
16.11. Route 66
Dosh Lee
Ministrastvo Napada
17.11. Rockmark
Dosh Lee
18.11. Klub
Dosh Lee
Gost iznenađenja
19.11. Praćka
Dosh Lee
20.11. Spunk
Dosh Lee
21.11. KSET
Dosh Lee