Exhibition that takes you to the disco era of communist Yugoslavia

You might have seen pics or even lived trough the disco era with all the fashion, lifestyle and music that comes with it, but you haven’t seen true disco until you’ve seen it communism style. Well, now you have a chance to see how it all looked back when the closest pair of denim jeans you could buy was in Trieste, and the coolest person in the neighborhood was the one with a smuggled Bee Gees LP.

‘The other side of Saturday night fever’ is a project that dissects the disco culture in Yugoslavia with a series of exhibitions around the city. The second exhibition in the series opens on Wednesday, July 8th in HDD gallery (Croatian designer association) and it focuses on the visual language of the disco era.

The project tries to locate positive aspects and influences of the disco scene at it’s peak, from 1977. to 1983., and the second exhibition explores the main trends and styles in visual communications of the time.

The first exhibition named ‘Influences, paragons and innovators’ that covers venues, persons and events that injected disco into Yugoslavian pop culture can be seen in Lotroscak tower until July 8th.

Author of the exhibition is Zeljko Luketic.

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