Fantastic films underneath the stars start today!

There are a lot of fantastic festivals happening around the city throughout the year, but only one has the gall actually to have the word in its title, and it could not be more true. Fantastic Zagreb film festival is the only fantasy, suspense, horror and SF film festival in the region, each year bringing a spectrum of niche and genre specific movies.

This year’s fifth celebratory edition starts from 26th of June and runs until 4th of July and will feature more than fifty films on multiple locations around Zagreb. Most notable amongst them is the city’s summer stage on Tuskanac, which the festival opens for a new season. With stars above and dense vegetation around it, the theater is one of those places you need to experience when visiting Zagreb.

The festival also bring us two special screenings atop Medvednica in the old medieval fortress Medvedgrad on 3rd and 4th of July. The films shown will be The Drop starring Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini and The Shining by Stanley Kubrick.
The program is divided into a couple of sections, such as Americana, Orient Express, Midnight Madness and this year’s special screenings in memoriam of the late Sir Christopher Lee.


Alongside two open theaters, Fantastic Zagreb will have screenings in Kino Europa and CineStar in Branimir center.
For more information on the schedule, locations and films shown on the festival visit their web page.