Farewell to Summer Block Party at Opatovina Street

Summer is over and its time to say our farewells to it until next year. And what better way to do it than with a weekend long party. The farewell party will take place at Opatovina, which was recently (unofficially) renamed as the beer street due to a lot of craft beer based bars opening there, and the street will live up to its new nickname.

In its three day run time, starting Thursday, September 22nd, and ending Saturday, three locally brewed beers will have their premieres on the Farewell to summer party: The Garden Brewery Double IPA, Bevog Brewery Who Cares Double IPA and Prvo Viško Pivo Session IPA & Guse.

The event will start each day at 5pm. There’s going to be plenty of foods to bite on and even more drinks to wash it down afterwords, with different concerts and workshops at evenings. Special mention goes to daily workshops on whiskey, gin and bourbon brewing (and responsibly enjoying) at Craft Room.