Fat President and Naked Ladies Take Over Zagreb for Weekend

If you’re looking for some great alternative local acts this weekend, look no further than Tvornica Kulture club. They are bringing in bands from Slavonia region you don’t get to hear as much in Zagreb, but that have a cult status on the alternative scene all over Croatia. Friday is reserved for punk, while Saturday is all about hip hop. And we’re not talking about your run of the mill angst musicians you can find in any shady club in any part of the west.

They are undoubtedly punk and hip hop in its most basic form, but the bands presented here have risen above generic constrains of the genres and have given their music a stamp of authenticity by combining genre tropes with Slavonia specific mentality. It’s hard to explain it, but in broad strokes it’s being really laid back about being pissed off.┬áIt’s that approach, even though they refer to local moments, that made them popular among the alternative crowds for more then twenty years. That, and the fact that when their fans are concerned, these bands have never ‘sold out’, staying true to their roots and working class lifestyles.

Friday, March 5th, is reserved for Guzva u 16-ercu (Crowded in the Penalty Area) and Grupa Tvog Zivota (Band of Your Life) with Fat President as headliners.

Saturday, March 6th, is reserved for Kadzija and Naked Ladies.

Both concerts start at 9 pm, and entry fee is 40 kn presale/50 kn on entrance.