Lapo Lapo, First Street Art Gallery in Zagreb, Opened

Zagreb’s first street art  gallery opened on Monday, December 21st, gathering works from some of the best street and graffiti artists in the region. Lapo Lapo, as the gallery is called is a result of a collaboration between Boris Bare and Miroslav Petkovic, known as Bare and Modul on the scene whose part they’ve been of for around twenty years.

‘We’ve wanted to have our own studio/office from which we could work out of, make sketches and prepare for our outdoor projects, but also create a space that would be a gathering point for all the street artists, somewhere where their work could be seen in one place, as most of it is scattered around the city’ said Modul at the grand opening of the gallery.

Bare and Modul just before the gallery's opening
Bare and Modul just before the gallery’s opening

He’s one of the few local graffiti artists with over twenty years of experience behind him, and one of the few artists that specialized in calligraphy and typography, working solely in that field. Bare is best known as of the artists who started the Pimp my Pump project and collective, hugely responsible in popularizing street art as an art form rather than vandalism in the eyes of the general public in Zagreb.

In the first street art gallery one will find works from  Lonac, Stipan Tadic, Lunar, R2D2 collective, Djuvedj, 2Fast, Nikola Zorotovic, Marko Zubak and many other household names on the scene. As it doubles as the duo’s studio, it has no working hours, but will be opened when they are working, which, according to their future plans, will be pretty much always.

Lapo Lapo studio/gallery
Lapo Lapo studio/gallery

Lapo Lapo street art gallery is located in Ilica 50, right before Swanky Mint hostel.