Free Concerts in Zagreb’s Hidden Courtyards on Monday, July 18th

Check out what the Courtyards, Zagreb’s most charming event of the season, has prepared for you for their forth day.
The Courtyards are an event that opens old town’s hidden gardens, yards, and atriums to the public for ten day with free concerts in each of them, allowing us to take a peek into a Zagreb from another time. The Courtyards are opened every day until July 25th.

Balbi Palace, Demetrova street 11
Acoustic Chill Out by Iva Smojver Duo

Erdödy-Drašković Palace, Opatička street 29
Matija Cvek Duo (piano and vocal)

Meštrović Atelier, Mletačka street 8
Lea Bulić & Anton Kutek (vocal and piano)

Private yard of the Milovac family, Opatička street 19
Chill out with vintage LP’s

Tko pjeva zlo ne misli, private yard, Basaričekova street 11
Gornjogradski Fuliri (old town folk songs)

Croatian Institute for History, Opatička street 10
Magical Harp by Ivana Biliško/Branko Bogunović Pif (one man guitar show)

House Frigan, Opatička street 27
Danijela Pintarić (best of musicals)