Free Medvednica Hiking Tours With Professional Guides Start This Weekend

Aktivan Zivot (Active Living) NGO is having their first Weekends on Medvednica hiking tour in the new year this Sunday, January 10th. Hikers gather at 9 am on the far end of Luksici neighborhood bordering with Medvendica. There, all the participants will limber up under the guidance of professional trainers who will lead the hike to Granicar (Frontiersman) mountain resort and back with final stretching exercises at the end of the hike.

The idea behind the excursions is to promote active living, explore Medvednica’s hiking trails and imprint habits of walking on anyone who wants to be more proactive in their lives.

Hikers gather at the end of the road in Lukusic, next to a small dam that indicates the start of Medvednica nature resort. You can get there by bus 128 going from Crnomerec turnstile. The gathering spot is next to the final bus stop.