Global Traditions, Local Foods, Art and Music at Europe square This Weekend

Advent at Europe square continues with its free weekend workshops for kids, this time dedicated to Scandinavian Christmas traditions, and brings local farmers to the square with the help of Little Market initiative on December 12th and 13th.

Starting from 11 am on Saturday, the kids will learn all about Scandinavian  traditions for Saint Lucy’s feast (December 13th), they’ll plant their own Lucy’s Christmas wheat, play with pinata Julbock, traditional Swedish goat figure filled with candy, and dance with Duffy the Duck, the Disney character who’s misadventures children in the north had been watching during Christmas since 1960.

There’s going to be a lot of dancing with elves, rainbow balloons, decorations workshops and haircuts more lavishly decorated than any Christmas trees. The kids program lasts until 1 pm and is supported by the European commission office in Croatia.

Advent Eu Square, weekend1

While the kids are having fun learning about global traditions, grown ups can explore the best kind of local traditions- foods. Little Market brings small farmers to the Europe square with their tasty delicacies. With citrus fruits from Dalmatia, seasonal vegetables from Slavonia, organic honey and juices, homemade ghee butter, teas, spreads, dips and all manner of winter store foods (mostly pickled), no one will leave with their taste buds unsatisfied.  All the farmers are there also to inform anyone interested in the process of growing and making the foods they sell.

Little Market is opened on Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm.

Those hungry for art will also be satisfied. Every Saturday a young artist paints live and has an open air exhibition on the square. This Saturday Melinda Sefcic will showcase her skills and her colorful and often psychedelic paintings.

Melinda Sefcic
Melinda Sefcic – Obredni Ples (Ritual Dance)

‘Often psychedelic’ might be the right word to describe tonight’s performer. Ivana Picek, a member of Pridjevi, one of the most popular atl bands in Croatia right now, will play a live act of her own music, sometimes sweet, sometimes weird (often both at the same time), but always interesting. The concert starts at 8:30 pm.

On Sunday, December 13th,  there will be two concerts. Queen of Sabe, one of the leading artists in the new wave of female singer songwriters in the region will play her new material from 8 pm, while Rolin Humes will send you home dancing with their energetic and wild funk fusion starting at 9 pm.