Good Vibrations Residency to Close Season With Probably the Weirdest Concert of the Year

As the summer slowly approaches, winter residencies around clubs are closing shop for a few months. Good Vibrations is one of them and they are doing it with style. In two years of its existence it became one of the more popular programs in local clubs, promoting alt and indie scenes with a series of concerts, panel discussions and jam sessions that were constantly well received, mostly due to a good selection of quality bands.

For their season closing night, which is today, June 2nd, at Vintage Industrial Bar, they decided to go a bit… different. The headliner for the night is Ivan Hrvatska. If you went to collage in Canada in the early 2000s you probably know the name as he was topping collage charts with his songs about making love to women and national holidays from US and Canada. At the same time he became famous here as well, you know, What What in the Butt kind of viral fame with his appalling singing, terrible music and fascination with his parents’ homeland and rakija (local schnapps). He even participated in a local celebrity reality show in 2010.

He was Borat levels of terrible(awesome?), and we all kind of sincerely liked it but then, as this things go, forgot about him.  Now, after five years, he’s finally coming back to Zagreb to sing his heart out.

Opening for him is Cudnorede (a play on words weird and morality), a local street performer who works as a dispenser of commercial flyers (the ones that clog your mailbox), not the most popular vocation in the world, but he manages to see everyday life in buildings around the city, making poignant, honest and revealing songs about babbitry and hypocrisy he sees there (our personal favorite is a song with lyrics that combine threatening anonymous letters neighbors leave on doors and noticeboards to each other into a narrative). He is kind of a savant, and a bit crazy.

And finally there Surka. Now Surka is a professional musician and plays a ton of instruments and has worked with a number of popular bands here, but for the past few years he’s been beatboxing with a looper and his two hour concerts always turn into awesome parties.

There’s no need to point out that we love all three of them and if you want to have an off beat night out, we highly recommend it.

The closing concert takes place at Vintage Industrial Bar, Savska street 160, from 8:30 pm and tickets are 35 kn.