Grill National Championship ‘Golden Chevap’ to take place at Jarun Lakes on May 14th

There are two things every single Croat is best at no matter where they are from, how old the are or what they do. The first one is selecting and coaching the national football team, an the second is being the undisputed champion of grilling.

Well, this Saturday, May 14th, only the bravest of those champions will put their money where their mouths are at the annual Golden Chevap national grill championship. Unlike casual grilling, when there’s only one person on the helm of everybody’s dinning (no one knows how many friendships have fallen apart, how many families broken, with a single sentence that usually starts ‘It’s ok I guess, but what I would do is…’)  the championships are a team sport, with four members competing in preparing the meat, grilling it, and washing the grill.

The award is named after a postulate of local grilling, chevap, minced and spiced meat rolls served in a grilled bun with onions and occasionally ajvar (a kind of paprika and eggplant chutney) and kajmak cheese. If you’re a meat lover, you have to try it while in Zagreb, just don’t plan on kissing anyone that day.

On Saturday, teams gathered on Jarun lakes will compete for the title of regional champions, with the finals taking place at Jastrebarsko city in June. Don’t worry, you’ll get to try out different meals throughout the day, not just watch them being grilled, so bring your appetite. The event starts from 12 am.