Hardcore Summer Nights at the Swamp (not for sensitive ears)

Mocvara (swamp) club is shaking up these peaceful summer nights with three days of hardcore concerts back to back. On August 16th, the stage is taken by the French, day after it’s owned by the US, and finally, on Thursday, Germans take over.

Tromblon is a chaotic math hardcore that was specific to the French scene in the 90ies. Melodic tones and catchy riffs of the genre are infused with a bit of black metal, setting the tone of the genre into overdrive. They are followed by Finish Me, a chaotic d-beat melodic hardcore with a vocal that brings a powerviolence (there’s so many sub genres these days…) moment to the band.

Day two is reserved for a goth Americana sermon led by Thomas Jefferson Cowgill aka King Dude. Starting his career in a death metal band, King Dude decided to turn the other cheek and started experimenting with neofolk and goth. An ambiental drone folke lone star Foie Gras will warm up the audiences beforehand.

Day three, or August 18th, is all about punk. Da Ša Fon Fl’aša will start the night off with his acoustic folk punk, followed by Midnight Crisis, a German hardcore punk band inspired by Finnish and Swedish hardcore bands of the 80ies.

Mocvara club (Trnjanski nasip bb street) will open its doors at 9pm, and the concerts will start at 10pm. August 16th and 18th are free, with donation box for the bands’ travel expenses set at the entrance, while King Dude will cost you 40 kn.

Oh yeah, and on Friday it’s Dirty Dancing night with DJ David Hasselhoff (not the real one).