Learn Night Photography and Light Graffiti at Art Park

There are hundreds of instant filters and effects you can use on your photos these days, but they cant hold up to the work you put in making your photographs be special. One of the most fun and easy to learn techniques you can use is light graffiti (light painting).

You set up your camera for long exposure in a low light space and use a hand held light source that you move around to paint on the photo being made at the moment. Even if you don+t consider yourself to be good at drawing, the shapes and lights you can make can still be awesome, and gets better with an idea and little effort behind it.

If you+d like to spice up your vacation photographs (and learn a bit about night and experimental photography) the guys and gals, street artists and photographers at Art Park (entrance from Tomićeva street) will hold a free light graffiti workshop on Tuesday, July 26th.

The workshop will start at 6pm and end at 11pm, there will be cameras and tripods available there, but it would be great if you bring your own.

Aside from learning some neat tricks in photography, there will be a presentation of several local wines, including malvazia (malmsey), Istrian rose and muškat (muskat).