Little Picnics Under Zagreb Sunsets Every Wednesday

Mashing organic, local food and unique Upper Town scenery, Little Market from the Loft has started a new foodie project – Little Picnic at Vranyczany plateau.

Every Wednesday, starting August 3rd, Vranyczany plateau (Vranicanijeva poljana) turns into a little corner of chill with various gourmet-offerings. Little Picnic will combine presenting local growers and food- tasting at the source with relaxed, self-service picnic with fruit and veggie cocktails, home-made wine, seasonal fruits, organic ice-cream, raw-food cakes, cheeses, dips and nuts for nipping.

Vranyczany Plateau is a small park located above Stross promenade, a few steps west from St. Katarina square, and overlooks Zagreb.

The picnic will be taking place from 5 pm until 9 pm ever Wednesday until mid-September.