Location Scouting: Where to Party for Weekend 22nd/23th January

FRIDAY January 22nd

Vintage Industrial Bar

Edo Maajka is one of the most prominent hip hop artists in the region, with phat beats, sharp political and social lyrics and that distinct Bosnian humor to top it all off. Edo took the genre and made it feel authentic to this place, taking influences from American and local artist and creating music that is both worldly and grounded in local experiences. You don’t need to understand the lyrics to experience the emotion behind his performance. If you like hip hop and want to check some of the best we have to offer, Vintage is the place to visit on Friday.

Potepuh bar

Gypsy music is one of those visceral experiences that transcends languages, borders and cultures and makes you feel the feels and move the feet no matter what music you like. Potepuh is bringing Gypsy Band Juerga who’ll play their selection of some of the more famous gypsy songs from all over Europe.

Super Super club

For those that want more bass in their music of dancing choice should check out Cosmic Vibes meets Kult, two popular bass heavy programs go toe to toe on Friday to bring you the hottest new drum ‘n’ bass tracks out there for your listening and dancing pleasure.

Mocvara club


A very popular 80ies extravaganza among student population (but for other, hormone related reasons) is a great place if you want to go back to a different period for a few hours with verified dance evergreens (and some stuff you might have never heard before).

SATURDAY January 23rd

Tvornica Kulture

The Gift have been covering their favorite band for years now to the delight of all the fans of Depeche Mode. They get pretty close to the original sound of the famed band and have the energy to mach, so it’s a great place to be for anyone looking for some 80ies electronica placebo.

Arena Center

Ok, so this is a tough thing to recommend for anyone that’s not from around here, but might be worth checking out if you want to see a concert where a singer lets the audience sing most of his material (check the video). Mate Mišo is a legend. He’s old, can barely talk a straight sentence and doesn’t remember people anymore, but he loves his fans and his fans love him back tenfold. He’s got a good amount of songs from his career people of all generations love, even though by today’s standards they go heavy into kitsch territory. His complete lack of awareness, zero s**ts given for anything except performing and the habit of letting the audience sing his concerts made him a legend even among those that can’t stand his music, increasingly becoming an ironic (slowly crossing the territory into unironic) pop icon on the internet.

AKC Medika

Talking about people who ironically love Mate Mišo, there’s no better example than the unofficial Mate Mišo after party in the underground club AKC Medika. Mate’s greatest hits will be accompanied by other great examples of late 80ies mainstream hits that were all the rage on summer festivals (most of them are genuine evergreens). Ironic or not, those parties are a lot of fun for everyone and the energy of the crowd is contagious even if it the first time you hear this kind of music.

Swanky Monkey Garden

For those that prefer more modern sounds, Swanky Mint Hostel is a great choice. DJ REA was one of the first female DJ’s, radio hosts and producers to dabble in dub and drum ‘n’ bass in Croatia in a serious manner, scoring a few awards in her name along the way. She’s taking her radio show Puding out of the studio and on the dance floor with a mix of 2step, garage house, UK funky, broken beats, afrobeats, hip-hop and nu-soul.