Location Scouting: Weekend in Zagreb March 11th & 12th

FRIDAY, March 11th

Klub club, Pavla Hatza street 16, 10 pm

Take me out (TMO) has proven itself as a go to indie alt program in Zagreb throughout the years,  always on the front lines of spinning great new releases and introducing indie bands to new generations, as well as having ‘evergreen’ nights, including this one, where the focus will be on Block Party and Modest Mouse. Perfect if you’re a collage freshmen.

Spunk, Hrvatske bratske zajednice bb, 9 pm

A lot of indie stuff going on this Friday, with Spunk having it’s own second Indie night featuring Dom Smith on the helm, playing the likes of The Smiths, Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Tame Impala, The Strokes, Future Islands, Arcade Fire, Wavves, Interpol, Foals, DIIV, Jamie T, Editors, The Hives, TV On The Radio, Kurt Vile…

Sirpu club, Koturaška street 1, 01 am

Rene Pawlowitz got into Berlin rave scene as an employee of legendary record store Hard Wax, and had been spinning under aliases such as Shed, EQD, Wax, Head High, WK7 and The Traveller, dishing out an infectious fusion of Detroid techno, hard house and break beat rave that forces movement. He released for Ostgut Ton, 50 Weapons and Delsinm building up a reputation as one of the most intriguing members of the vibrant Berlin scene.


SATURDAY, March 12th

Kset, Unska 2, 8 pm

Celebrating its 40th birthday, KSET is calling in bands that had some of their first gig there. Some had their peak long ago, some are at it now, some have cult statuses on the underground scene, some are hugely successful and some are getting back together just for this occasion. Psihomodo Pop is most of those things, having their peak a long time ago, coming back with an album of the year in 2015, being a well established mainstream band with some albums having a cut following on the underground scene. There isn’t a single person in Croatia who doesn’t know a few of their songs by heart, as they have been a staple of pop culture for a few decades. From their edgy and subversive beginnings to ear pleasing rock songs of late, they are the first chapter of Rock 101 for kids getting into music, a pleasing nostalgia trip for their parents and a great rock show for everyone in between, keeping the energy levels on stage at max throughout their career.

Jiggy Bar, Ivana Broza street 45, 10 pm

Foundend in 2010, Gipsy Groove combines balkan rom music with jazz, reggae, funk and ska, forcing people to dance on their charismatic and energetic concerts filled with improvisation. The band is comprised of different nationalities and that cultural diversity, dedication to human rights, peace and pacifism is highly displayed on their concerts.

Student center backyard, Savska street 25, 7 pm

Zagreb’s skateboarders are throwing, by now a traditional, competition and party at Student center back yard. The center doesn’t hold much of a polygon for a serious competition, a pool and an indoor ramp, but it has a big significance for the scene. The pool was the first one built in Zagreb, made by hard work, money and dedication of local skaters and has been a gathering point for everyone who loves extreme sports. Until new management decided it needed a bigger parking lot a few years back. The entire scene defended the pool, blocking bulldozers with their bodies, holding vigils for a few weeks until the public pressure had forced the management to reconsider their plans. The competition starts at 7 pm, with bands paying afterwords. HC punk bands ofc. Sidenote: Playing in background of the video is aforementioned Psihomodo Pop.

Hypo center, Slavonska avenija 6, 10 pm

On the front of headliners list for this WMC is French DJ and producer Oxia, a staple of almost every minimal DJ’s playlist since 1991, and is considered one of the masters of techno/house crossovers.  Following Oxia is Ukrainian producer Spartaque, wh obuilt his fame with remixes for a variety of stars, including Moby.  David Moleon closes the headliners list with techno. Moleon is one of the most sought out DJs in Spain and Portugal, regularly playing in all the prominent clubs in those countries.