Location Scouting: Weekend in Zagreb April 22nd/23rd

FRIDAY, April 22nd

Tvornica Kulture, Subiceva street 2, 9 pm

Infectious noise pop sounds, superb visual identity and engaging but soft and understandable lyrics are what makes the core of Artan Lili, one of the most interesting Belgrade bands of the new generation. Their music has already amassed a cult following among the indie scene, and with their debut release that came out a few days ago (and that they are promoting with this concert), they are bound to make an impact on the wider scene.

Mocvara club, trnjanski nasip bb, 9 pm

An easy night out for all the headbangers, with a buffet of metal sub-genres to choose from at Mocvara club on Friday. From Bible Black’s heavy metal and Sarea’s melodic death metal to Voltage’s stoner metal and Once Alive’s metalcore, metalheads are bound to have some quality mosh pits at Mocvara.

Katran club, Radnicka street 27, 11 pm

Pulling from the deep trenches of their long term memory, Mrtvo Hitovlje duo are bringing forgotten hits back to the dance floor, announcing that the main focus will be on the late and great Prince, who has suddenly passed away today. We know they have mad respect for the artist formerly and forever known as Prince, so we’ll let the unintentional irony slide.


SATURDAY, April 23rd

KSET, Unska street 2, 8 pm

Terapija.net is one of the longest lasting e-zines (and you thought those were extinct) around these parts, with their finger on the beat of the local scene for 15 years. It’s not a widely known e-zine, but if you are a musician, or are just into music, terapija.net is a must on your mailing list. For the celebration they are calling in bands that fit them just right – underground and great. Those are Thee Melomen, Garage in July, Cudnorede and Mr. Albino. It’s hard to explain each band in a few sentences, but if you like off beat music, you’ll feel right at home.

Tvornica Kulutre, Subicev street 2, 9 pm

We’re not going to call this concert Pasi’s swan song, as they might take it against us, but the cult punk band from Rijeka is having just that. At the same time celebrating 20 years of existence and saying goodbye to their fans in one final, grand gesture before closing shop and taking on other, adult responsibilities. Punk might not be dead, but from this Saturday, it’s going to be a lot more poorer. If you liked NOFX, Bad Religion, Hanson Brothers, Nomeansno and other punk bands like that (with whom Pasi have toured a lot), you owe it to yourself to go see this gig, and tip a hat to the fading punk of the old.

FREILAUS w/ SUZANNE KRAFT | Running Back, Rush Hour (L.A.)
Masters club, Maksimirska street 162, 11 pm

Amsterdam based producer and DJ. Operates under solo moniker on labels like Running Back and Rush Hour, as well as a member of Pharaohs and Blasé. Currently on European tour.